Miss Matrix Academy, submissive males, dominant women

Female Led Relationships. OSODD, bad boys, sex slaves, sissy boys

mommie’s boys, bitch dog boys, Collars, Cuckolds Owned D&s FLRs

All looking for boys to take home! 

 Domme Corps Faculty status requires a period of successful participation in the program to attain.  


  Dominant woman whipping submissive male

Miss Matrix, every boy begins his training with Miss Matrix before the Auction and Trainer Domme assignment.   Knows how to handle boys, mentors the Domme Corps.


Lady Athena in NV - an experienced Truelife Domme.  Prefers her males to be big, strong, and healthy specimens ..  code 13542



Mistress Abigail, TX "hot-blooded  with a hot temper. Code 14532. It's simple, really. She is in charge.     


Mistress Zina, NYC - Code 32145.   Seeks boys, truly seeking to serve and be owned.


Lady Damali, AR - code 63521 a 30's Buxom Black Domme who fully understands the eroticism of the whiteboy/BLACK DOMME dynamic ..   Especially seeks a Live-in Boy


Mistress Devine, Australia - I am a demanding but sensual Goddess who thrives on attention and pampering, currently on Temp Leave. 



Ms Aquarius, Australia.  code 15432 -  Enjoys disciplining Bad Boys. 


Ms Corine, OH - Code is 13452.  Teaching OSODD her specialty.



Miss Lala, NJ - Control is her aphrodisiac. Code 61345.  Black Domme with a honey-dipped voice and valley.



lady Bathory

Lady Bathory, Alberta, Canada - code 52431 Firm, but fair, loving and controlling. 

All women who enroll in the Program aspire to Faculty Status, it is the goal of all.