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How it all started !

Origins of FemDom and this website is a creation of Matryx, the Great Oracle of OSODD and Feminine Superiority.  Matryx mentors women and together they train submissive males.    These women seek males for training, tethered, and live-in relationships. 


Helen Reddy and her stirring "I am Woman" herald the dawn of the modern era of Feminism and what has become known as FemDom - Female Domination over the males in their lives.     

Click now to listen to Helen Reddy, Matron Saint of Modern FemDom

This website is dedicated to women, women whose time has come, and to the male who understands and yearns to serve!  

This page also has the purpose  of helping you the reader, male or female, determine if this is the right community for you.  It is right for you if you find agreement and resonance with the principles and philosophies reflected and advocated below.


        "You know you can't hope yourself to a better life -

                                             you must take yourself there."

                                                              Helen Gurley Brown


Men have drooled over women since the beginning of time, but the actual accession of women to daily, everyday control over the male began in the 1970s, and Helen Reddy's iconic "I am Woman" has become the theme song and battle hymn for this great movement.  

FemDom is short for Female Domination of the male.   FemDom also simply refers to a Dominant Woman, a Domme.

Since women have advanced in the military and flown in space, it is appropriate to visit that famous military quote .. "lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way".  This website is specifically intended for women who wish to lead.  And ''leading" begins with leading and controlling your own life. 

Modern women who truly lead their own lives are strong believers in the BBB. No, not that lap dog of commercial interests, but a different sort of BBB. 

It is the concept of Bedroom, Broom, and Budget.

Control these and you control the male, and truly control your own life !

It is as easy as BBB   

B - The Bedroom

B - The Broom

B - The Budget

But what about that other B - BDSM ?    Oh, it is there okay - but only as "a means to an end"  That "end" is a wonderful D&s REALationship, that never ends. 


Let us explore this BBB

B - The Bedroom 

All male/female personal relationships involve sexual attraction and desire in varying degrees. It has been that way since the beginning of time.

If you are a woman 30 and older, chances are you have been in enough relationships, good and bad, to know "what you like" and "do not like" in the bedroom.   Probably this was never discussed or thought about to any great extent in prior relationships until after the relationship was formed – which is usually too late.

The point is, that if you leave it up to chance again next time, it will be a total accident if what you want is what he likes - or is inclined to provide.  

But, It is possible to have a wonderful relationship and to have the sex be exactly what you want, when you want it, and only when you want it. 

What sort of male is that compliant, you ask?  Well, what sort of male do you want?   Tall, short, thin, younger, older, professional, blue collar, truck driver, banker, fireman, chef, lawyer, IT genius, they come in all descriptions - and have only one common denominator.

That common denominator is that these compliant males all have “need and respect for strong feminine authority".   You cannot necessarily spot them in public, many are quite handsome, masculine, and may well have careers that require them to make frequent big decisions - but they all have an inner, intense "need and respect for strong feminine authority".

Sex will be exactly as you wish and want, and how, and how long, and how often!  Why not?    You can do without it, but he cannot.  

He is all too happy for you to call the shots and lead the way - it relieves him of all manner of insecurities, including "can I get it up", "can I keep it up", "is it even supposed to be up", "on my knees?", "what to do", "how" "how long" etc, etc, etc.     Since you the woman will be in charge, this opens a whole range of activities which will further bond the male to your control - OSODD, male chastity, bondage, discipline, cuckoldry and more.

Where do you find such males?    They are everywhere  - hiding behind their natural inhibitions and sexual insecurities - just waiting to be found.


 B - The Broom

The male who needs and respects strong feminine authority expects you to delegate the domestic duties.    If there are some things that you prefer to do, fine.  But make it clear what he is to do, and when, and how.    

The Broom is also a good pigmale deterrent, very difficult for a pigmale (typical male chauvinist) to "lower himself" to such duties.   Whereas, a good boy (an adult submale with both need and respect for strong feminine authority) will be gratified to help and serve any way that he can. 

It will work best if he has the majority of such domestic duties.    Why not?  The wife of the 1950s had it ALL to do.  

To not do it this way erodes his respect for you, that is, it is counterproductive.


B - The Budget

If it is marriage - that would make him a "subhusband bride - and she would handle the family finances, including his paycheck. 

If it is a live-in arrangement, and if she is a truelife Domme, it will be in her residence - and there will be a firm arrangement and agreement as to what he will contribute on a regular pre-determined basis.  Not if he "chooses to at the time", or "if he has anything left", etc.    If he suggests the "iffy" latter maybes - then he is either a "player" or a freeloader (see below) of sorts, or some combination thereof and definitely not an individual with need and respect for your strong feminine authority.    

Lastly, a FemDom of any sanity will not move in (or "come for a visit" with a male in his place).  Do so, and she will become immediately dependent on him and place herself in jeopardy, if not danger - especially if out of town where she knows no one.    

Beware of the male who suggests such an arrangement, even if he "says" he is a submale.    A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf.   The danger of a self-proclaimed "male switch" needs discussion at this point.  They are like cur pit bulls - just waiting to turn on you, no matter how long they have been so cute and cuddly.  One Arkansas farm woman FemDom compared a "male switch" to a shit-eating dog, said she "once they've dun started it, there's no curin' or fixin' them what duz". 


The role of MONEY .. Money is not evil, a modern society cannot function without it.  It must be discussed and understood.


There are many extremes in attitudes about money.


* The GG2W who believes that all things sex should be free for him. So what is a GG2W - he is God's Gift to Women .. in his mind.  He is the pigmale of pigmales.     This an undesirable character and attitude.


* The male freeloader who wants whatever he can get for free - a free ride -  perhaps even room, board, and sexual entertainment forever.  What a deal ! This too is an undesirable character and attitude.  No sane woman wants another dependent.


* The finDom who isn't even a Domme, more like a scammer - just send me your money, sucker!    She is the female opposite of the freeloader. 


* The pro-domme, who definitely charges a fee - by the hour or session.     


* Even in recreational play, the normal expenses ought be shared and usually are.    


Voluntary gifts from a male to a woman are as normal and natural as good manners.   Gifts can never be a requirement.