A curriculum lesson review 

TL-18 The Need for Strong Feminine Authority (TL-18 is a lesson in the Transition Level)

From the boy edwina

Dearest Miss Matrix,

This lesson is to drive home the importance of strong feminine authority in the form of a FLR as the natural order of life where She is in charge and I as Her boy, faithfully serve Her. Women are important to boys just as they have so many other important roles like motherhood where again, the relationship is not between equals. And like “the Mother of all bombs, a Woman’s power and wisdom is the key to making FLRs the Mother of all relationships! And men (boys like me) have an inherent need for the stronger moral leadership provided through the strength and wisdom of their leading ladies too. Indeed, it is through Her strength and wisdom that we are enabled to be all we can be to do our part. Likewise, if more men would step up and give their allegiance and support, these superior women could put more of their focus on leading the world out of the mess made by men.

This boy is thankful for a simple, basic lesson, albeit the core of who this boy is and the core of my new reality.

Love Your boy, ____ (an enrolled boy (adult submale)


Academy Review

From the boy, karen 

The Academy teaches through different levels and lessons by Miss Matrix and the Domme Corps.  MyTrainer/Domme, My Lady Damali has given Karen the most wonderful experiences she has never had to deal with.

Female Led Relationship: Karen’s Trainer/Domme My Lady Damali and Miss Matrix have continually monitored and assessing my progress through various means of writing and constant communications.

You have a daily one on one communication with Owner/Domme/Trainer regardless where you are in the levels or even tethered or live in. Miss Matrix is also available to write to openly or privately or some say an open door policy.

You will find the Dommes in the Academy some of the most talented and experienced Females in the FLR. Some boys just come in for certain experience and others are seeking that one they will serve in a live-in or tethered relationship.
My goal is to achieve the FLR D&s that Karen is meant to have and with my Lady Damali that is reality. Anyone can achieve it if they are willing to work at it and the chemistry is within.

The openness of communicating anything is the one thing that is the to Karen’s learning. People say that words are dime a dozen which is true, but a picture tells thousands of words.

The one thing that drew Karen into the Academy was the respect given by Miss Matrix when you first talk about it. The other thing was the picture of the Female Led Relationship holding the belt as a sign of Respect.

Like any other type of schooling, you need to be prepared for setbacks, real time dealings that others have plus your own. This is not an walk in the park , this is the real deal, and only the ones involved, can make the objective of achieving the FLR D&s possible.



From the boy, monique* 10159

Dearest Miss Matrix,

     When I signed up for the Matrix Academy I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now that I have been a member of the Academy since the beginning of this year, I can honestly say that it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Believe me when I tell you that. I have been involved with the scene since 1976, that’s 41 years; longer than most have been alive. I’ve had many wonderful adventures serving many different Mistress’s. But I really didn’t know the ins and outs of being a slave. The Academy has taught me many things, thanks to my Trainer Domme: Mistress Zina. 

For example:

*Your D&s DNA Code

*What OSODD is all about


*Locked Chastity

*Truelife D&S REALationship

*What the future holds for You as a slave in the Academy

     All this and much more will be taught to You by the Academy. Am I glad I joined, You betcha!

With love, Your boy monique*




From Mistress Sade, AU  - While I am writing to you - I just want to say how much joining the Academy has made me grow as a FemDom! It has broadened my horizons, expanded my learning and most importantly, resulted in a vast improvement in my self-confidence as a Mistress. 

Since joining, I have enjoyed 'practicing' my skills - both physically and mentally, on several local boys and that is proving to be a very successful way to gain further experience. None of them are 'main boy' material, but I'm certainly enjoying them none-the-less. Their reactions and feedback is making me realise than I had more in me than I gave myself credit for! (considering that most have been previously owned, so know the ropes as it were).

So, thank you! I am getting far more out of the program than I initially thought I would and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Regards, Sade 



nicki 45 - So, I bet you are curious about the Matrix Academy, right?  I admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, who wouldn't be?

On the surface, I'm just another normal male with some interest in Female Led Relationships, but deep down I know that I'm a total sissy boy with lots of fantasies about being led down the path to total exposure, humiliation and ultimately to become a good sissy slave for a real Dominant Mistress.  With the assistance of my Trainer Domme, Mistress Abigail, I see how my life has led me to this ultimate fate, becoming a good submissive sissy who is ready to worship and please my Owner/Domme in any way she pleases.  Whether or not you are truly ready, training in the Matrix Academy is sure to indoctrinate you as well, whether you are a bad boy, a sex slave, a sissy boy or a combination.  Just be careful what you wish for.  Indeed, be very careful.   Would I do it again?  In a hard heartbeat ..  nicki. 


alice 46 - Just one thing i have to say for first line of my Review - i'm very thankful to You, Dearest Miss Matrix, that You gave me the opportunity to meet my Lovely Mistress Sade here, into Your Academy! Without Her firm but so Feminine Support and so magnetic Leading and Guiding me trough all Lessons of the Starting Level i couldn't get here - to the Transition Loop and more Advanced Level of Your Academy for sure!

And if we'll see for Your Lessons into Starting Level, i have to say that they were wrote with Your big talent, Dearest Miss Matrix,with good quality and giving very nice start to express and explain myself and all range of my feelings there to my Lovely Mistress Sade. And with Her lovely comments the learning process became so attractive, useful and really exiting. So i'm very thankful to my Lovely Mistress Sade that She has accepted me as Her boy for the Advanced training into Your Academy.  Thank You so much for leading me in the right direction.  with love, your alice, in training. 


edwina 58 -  As a new “boy” (adult sub-male) here at the Academy, one might expect me to speak about my favorite course. But the truth is that the Academy does so much more. It is all about what is known as True-Life (real life) Female Led Relationships (FLR). And the two main programs are: one, academics teaching the aspects related to a wholesome FLR for strong-willed or dominant females and those men though strong, seek strong feminine authority. The second program developments True life FLR between the recruited dominant female trainers (DC’s) and the sub-male counterparts, for which I am one. More importantly, the first program facilitates one to take either take advantage of the second program or seek their own relationship elsewhere.

The True life FLR, is also known as the forth face of FemDom, short for Female Dominant, and fourth because it is “wholesome” face of FemDom. And with more and more people of both sexes discovering the inner drive to be involved with the opposite sex in a relationship base upon strong feminine leadership, this is THE face of FemDom to look for. Simply put, She has a strong inner desire to guide and control males as part of a personal relationship. And what gives her a natural and beneficial control over males is that some males have a natural psychological and mental connection with the dominant feminine authority that makes a perfect match! He has not been brain washed or hood winked into being led by a woman. On the contrary, men just like me sought them out over other submissive women we could easily, and many have had marriages with. So it is a win—win connectional relationship like none other. There is much more to the match, such as the male traits that match him with a certain female who seeks such traits. But having been asked to limit myself to a paragraph, will have to let you read the rest on the site. It has been a great experience for me as I move into the third, of four levels of the education program that now DC and trainee to seek a much deeper and Real life FLR!  ..   edwina 58, about to enter the Transition Level with Ms Bella. 


kelly 57, assigned to Miss Matrix - The "Bitch Dog Boy" is one of six submale types that we recognize and develop for optimum service of a boy to his owner/Domme in a Truelife FLR.

The others are (1) The Bad Boy, (2) The Sissy Boy", (3) the Sex Slave Boy, (4) The Mommie's Boy, and (6) Whiteboy Addiction to Black

Most boys have at least two of these traits strong in their D&s DNA make-up (code as we call it), and others to some degree.

Discussion of the Lessons with an Academy Trainer Domme helps to identify a boy's DNA code.

Here is one boy's excellent response to "The Bitch Dog" Boy lesson.

Dearest Miss Matrix

Here is my reflection on ST-07 the Bitch Dog Boy.

In this lesson on the bitch dog boy Miss Matrix coyly hints at the core of this lesson early by stating it’s “Something along the lines of faithfulness.” Indeed. (I love how she lays the keys to these lessons in plain sight for the boy to explore if he is paying attention.) “Something along the lines of faithfulness.” is an appropriate statement since the clichéd name for a dog is “Fido” which means “I am faithful”.

I think 2 different concepts of faithfulness have to be present in any boy, whether a bitch dog boy or some other type of boy. The first, is faith in his Owner Domme. The other is faithfulness to his Owner Domme. More on that later.

Miss Matrix states early in this lesson that : “Once broken to bondage, discipline, and oral servitude, the BDB submale is ready for advanced training. “

This is interesting because it reinforces the concept that no matter what the boy’s DNA code, he must still be “broken” or brought to heel – an appropriate term for a dog -- before he can be allowed the honor of serving the Superior Female. Bondage, discipline and oral servitude are the first, but essential steps that lay the foundation for advanced training. The boy must surrender to (bondage) submit to (discipline) and appropriately honor (oral servitude) the Superior Female before he can meaningfully advance in training.

Miss Matrix describes the process of placing the boy in “Bitch Dog Position” -- stripped, collared, blindfolded and on all 4s -- and “styling” him as if he were a dog the Superior Female is displaying at a dog show. The idea of “styling” the boy as if he were a dog at a show is perfectly appropriate. The “broken” and collared boy is a product of her training that she may want to show off with pride. After all, she has taken a male and stripped him of any vestiges of his arrogant male pride. He is naked before her, except for the collar that demonstrates submission/ownership, and the blindfold that reminds him that he will use only those senses his Superior Female grants him the use of. I think the blindfold is a perfect object lesson for any boy that while she is free to view him in his nakedness, he may not look upon her at all.

Miss Matrix notes that:
“He is told that he must maintain that position .. no matter what else is happening around him .. or to him.”

And that

Blindfolded - he is told that he must learn to trust - and to suck instinctively and hungrily .. on whatever is placed in his mouth, to suck automatically and obediently, trusting that Mystress knows what is best for him. It could be a finger .. a nipple .. a toe .. a vibrator .. perhaps even a dildo?

His backside is available for disciplining. Cock and balls will hang straight down and forward, displaying them in a most beautiful manner .. easy for attachment of a variety of training devices .. harnesses, clamps, cages, weights, restrictions .. perhaps even a wiring harness and anal probe for a little "shock" therapy .. should his Owner/Domme so desire.

His ass and pseudo-clit are available for inspection, probing, plugging - whatever is desired. His ass and boyhood truly belong to his Owner.

All these activities are as his Owner deems fit. Therefore the boy must have faith in his Owner. At this point in his training – broken, disciplined and collared he must surely have come to believe in Her. That, in the more finely developed emotional development of the Superior Female, she knows better than he does what he needs to develop further in his submission to Female Authority. If he has any internal reservations, he must tell himself to set them aside – to have faith that the acts he is asked to perform, or have performed on him, are things his Owner has duly considered and decided are appropriate. Necessary for his advancement, or to be of more use to Her (which amount to the same thing). Just as a well trained dog obeys without hesitation because it respects its trainer as an Alpha, so too must the boy accept and act without hesitation the directions of his Owner – an Alpha/Superior Female.

Miss Matrix then deftly describes another key aspect of faithfulness – faithfulness to his Owner Domme.

Certainly a boy who has progressed so far in his training that he has earned the honor of wearing her collar would not dare be unfaithful with another woman. But boys can be weak, and there are other forms of unfaithfulness.

Miss Matrix describes how such acts of unfaithfulness can be readily apparent to the Owner’s eye:

The bitch dog position ... is also used to determine if he has been obedient and celibate since his last service. You see, he is in the perfect position to be milked and "whipped" to ejaculation .. with or without anal and testicular "assistance". Of course, he is made to taste what cums.

If he is trained on regular intervals, a pattern will set in - as to his swollen size, degree of hardness, length of time, and the volume of his cum - based on the number of days since his last service. Deviations from this established pattern testify to illicit sexual conduct since his last service - and this can mean only thing ..

PUNISHMENT swift and severe.

The inspection of the unfaithful boy in this position brings to mind a loving mother confronting a little boy who has been raiding the cookie jar. He may think he got away with his little crime as he looks up innocently at his mother and proclaims his innocence. But just as a mother easily sees through his deception so too the Owner /Domme, who may know her boy’s body better than he knows it himself, sees that her submale boy has been unfaithful. The boy may think his acts of unfaithfulness are hidden from the world. After all, it was just him, his computer, and his secret desires. Who would know? But to his Owner “his swollen size, degree of hardness,
length of time, and the volume of his cum - based on the number of days since his last service” are all well known to her. His act of unfaithfulness is as obvious to her as the sun rising in the east. One can imagine the Owner Domme staring down at her shamefaced bitch dog boy, shaking her head and saying “I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed.”

Perhaps she has been too lenient. Perhaps she did not require her boy remain in his chastity device when out of her supervision. An indulgence she will not repeat. She might even be slightly (but only slightly) amused that he felt he could keep this hidden from her. The Superior Female who molded him to be the submissive boy he is, on his hands and knees before her? How could he have expected to keep anything hidden from Her?
But training of dogs as well as boys is based on reward and punishment. And as Miss Matrix points outs, what is now called for is clear: PUNISHMENT swift and severe.

Miss Matrix describes the punishment, and contrary to what I expected, it is not a sound whipping. Unsurprisingly, Miss Matrix understands the bitch dog well and knows the appropriate punishment. It is humbling, probably painful, but most importantly it is instructive.

As she describes:

Most Dommes who enjoy bitch dog boys and training are fond of strap-on dildos, and it is natural that if the boy has reacted well so far, that she may want to mount him. "Deflower" him, as it is sometimes called.

The punishment imprints upon the boy in no uncertain terms his status as her bitch dog.

Miss Matrix notes:

The Bitch Dog Position becomes his standard position for being inspected, probed, and used by his Owner/Domme and her friends, often at the same time.

Her phrase “often at the same time” resonated. The implication is clear – even if the unfaithful bitch boy is allowed back into her good graces and allowed the honor of worshipping her Femininity, he is simultaneously “probed” to remind him that he is still just Her bitch.

Miss Matrix concludes:

And like a good dog, no matter how much you ignore or scold or punish him, he will always be eager to lick and serve again.

The properly trained bitch dog boy is faithful to his Owner Domme. He learns that whatever she subjects him to, it is for his own good. He may not understand how the things she subjects him to will help him advance in his service but because he has faith in Her he does not refuse or even hesitate. Perhaps he will understand later. Perhaps he will never understand Her demands. It doesn’t matter. He must have faith. In Her

Like a puppy he is lost without Her and Her wise guidance. If forgiven for his acts of unfaithfulness after suitable punishment he will never put his pleasure above Her directive to remain chaste for Her. He must remain faithful. To Her.

Fido in name and deed.

I hope you find this reflection acceptable. I hope I was able to understand the lesson you were trying to convey. With each lesson my sense of respect for your understanding of the submale boy deepens.

With love
your good boy

Here is another one 

"The Mommie's boy" is one of six "submale types" that we study in conjunction with the pursuit of of long term D&s FLRs. They serve to break down inhibitions, promote self exploration, and jump start the dialog between the boy (adult submale) and Domme who is seeking such an FLR. Here is one boy's reaction to the lesson.  A "boy", in the context of the Academy is an adult submale.

"Dearest Miss Matrix

Here are my thoughts on ST-06 – the Mommie’s Boy.
Because I don’t identify as a Mommie’s Boy I mistakenly thought there would not be much for me to gain from this lesson.

But by now I am coming to understand, Miss Matrix, that your lessons are designed to fully educate the boy and cause him to look deep into his core because there is some small part of this type in each sub-male.
So, as always there is something for me to be learned from this lesson that will assist me on my journey to be a good boy, someday deserving to be of service to a Superior Female in a FLR. As with each lesson, I try to discern what I can learn from it, and reflect upon it to help me on my journey.

Miss Matrix, you point out that: “A bosom or nursing Mom will arouse his
attention even if he does not understand why. The Mommie's Boy notices a woman's breasts first of all. His eyes involuntarily searching for the outline of a well-formed protruding nipple.”

This aspect of the Mommie’s Boy is certainly present in my DNA. For as long as I can recall I have been infatuated with the female breast. Even in grade school, before I reached puberty, if I had a teacher who was “built”, I couldn’t take my eyes off her and would look for any hint of cleavage or outline of her nipple. As you suggested, I didn’t understand why, but they cast a spell on me.

I was certainly aware that I shouldn’t stare, but I would constantly steal glances. I imagine busty women learn early in life that men are attracted to their breasts. Even a conservatively cut blouse that shows her curves or anything that reveals a hint of cleavage is irresistible to the average male, but for the submale the sight of cleavage turns his mind to jelly. For the well endowed Female, her effect on males must be equally frustrating and empowering. Frustrating to have men focus attention there instead of on their personalities or other talents, but also empowering when they realize the power they hold over men who grow mushy headed in their presence.

Miss Matrix, you point out in this essay that “the Mommie's Boy longs for a Feminine Authority Figure to counsel him, and tell him what to do. There is comfort in that for the Mommie's Boy, having nothing to do with sex.” This aspect of the Mommie’s Boy would seem to apply to other classification of submales as well – to all those, including myself, who have concluded that we are in need of a Female Led Relationship (FLR). Certainly the Mommie’s Boy, but other submales too, seek a confident woman ready to take the lead in their relationship.
It shocked me to reflect that many aspects of how a Superior Female molds and disciplines her submale boy relate back to how a loving mother disciplines a child. Having her submale boy stand in the corner to reflect on his poor behavior; a bare bottom or over the knee spanking; writing lines -- all recall ways he may have been disciplined as a child. And when, as a child, he had shown true repentance and she welcomed him back into her good graces, she may even have invited a kiss on the cheek to signal her forgiveness. But now his apologetic t kiss is of a different sort -- because they are not mother and little boy after all, but Superior Female and adult submale. And if the boy is on his knees as he kneels before her begging forgiveness for some thoughtless act, or inferior performance (or maybe behind her to submissively kiss those cheeks), the height difference must also bring back of the size differential that existed when he was a young boy looking up to his mother.
There on his knees, he looks up to his Domme both literally and figuratively. If allowed, (I understand some Dommes restrict eye contact) he looks into her eyes for a sign of forgiveness. Interestingly, from that lower perspective her face is framed by her breasts, powerfully reinforcing without a word needed the power she holds in their relationship. And there he should remain, when in her presence, as a constant reminder of her mental, physical and sexual superiority.

The submale may and often will be in control in some parts of his life “He is usually highly successful in his vanilla job or career” as you noted, but realizes that he has an unrelenting inner need to place other, more personal aspects of his life, in the hands of a Superior Female. For the Mommie’s boy, perhaps this relates to a time in his life when he trusted his mother to make important decisions for him, so he sees his Domme as a new mommy figure. For those us for whom being a Mommie’s boy is a less prominent part of our D&SDNA, while we may not think of a Superior Female as a mommy figure, we yearn for wise Feminine guidance, and more, we so highly respect her Feminine power that we are willing to subordinate all our own selfish thoughts to be in her service.

Certainly, as submales we all aspire to worship before those physical features of Womanhood – those aspects of her physical being that only women possess that hold the potential for motherhood, which is, after all, nothing less than the continuation of the human race.

These aspects of her femininity exalt her above all males, whether the Superior Female is a mother or not. Her breasts – whether they have ever nursed or not, her curves whether they conform to the latest societal fashion, her refined Feminine intuition, and most importantly her Temple whether it has ever produced a child, are all aspects of the Female that the submale honors, whether he sees her as a manifestation of his mother or simply the Superior Female.

Miss Matrix, I thank you for your valuable time in reviewing my submission. I hope that in this, as in all my efforts, I have produced a worthy effort and pleased you.

With love,

Your good boy,