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Dominant Women looking Truelife FLRs are invited to apply directly to Miss Matrix at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Woman with our vision of D&s are enrolled free, of course.    

Males with a good attitude - I am delighted that you are considering enrollment in the Academy Program, this can be a real step forward for you.   Yes, modest tuition is required for administration of the program. But, no - this is not a pro-domme hook-up service.   If you are on limited fixed income and need help with the tuition, contact Miss Matrix.  It cannot be free but it can be affordable. 

The Women here, the Domme Corps, are both the Trainers and the seekers of adult submales (boys) for Truelife D&s FLRs. They apply for the position and are accepted on the merits of their own Truelife desires and goals.  

They do not pay tuition, nor do they receive any of the male tuition.  They are here to further develop and refine their own natural "domme-with" with the additional goal of finding "that just right boy" for a Truelife D&s FLR - Tethered or Live-In.    They are not employees, nor are they "pro-dommes", to make that clear.  In short, they are not paid to take interest in you.  

Your Initial Training is with me, Miss Matrix, then there is a matching process, an auction in which you have some say.   Further training via email and website happens directly between you and your new Trainer Domme.  If this creates the proper chemistry, you and SHE advance to the Transition Loop with the goal of developing a Truelife FLR.   If it doesn't, we loop back to the auction level for a new assignment with the same goal.   Yes, the chemistry can be elusive, but that is why we are here.   You may stay in the program as long as your tuition is current.  The Program can be both a stepping stone and/or your final destiny ! 

The goal of the Academy Program is Truelife D&s FLRs - for you and HER !

Current Tuition Rates are:  

                                               10 days       $  20.00 USD 

                                               30 days ....  $  49.00 USD  

                                               4 months .. $  99.00 USD  

                                               1 year  ....... $199.00 USD 

                7 Year Sustaining Member ...  $1000.00 USD

                                  Lifetime Member .. $2500.00 USD


This is done in the Matrix Store, the button for which is on the Navigation Bar above. 

In doing so, be sure to include your email address where it is requested, this is how and where your enrollment information will be sent.  Once you have successfully made your tuition payment, you will received an Order confirmation number verifying your payment.

I will contact you soon after your payment is made (usually an hour or so, unless overnight).    To help expedite the process, you may send me an email telling me what you have done, and include the Payment Order #. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Use of Cash:  It is possible to utilize cash by purchasing a Prepaid Visa card at any of many, many retailers - and then use that prepaid Visa Card in the Matrix Store, just as you might use it for any online purchase.  Just be sure you are buying a card that can be used for online purchases.     

The Matrix Store accepts the major credit and debit cards.  

It is also possible to pay tuition with an eGift Card from - However, special instructions from me are required as they DO NOT INVOLVE the regular email address.