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boys, Collars, Cuckolds Owned D&s FLRs, Dommes and submales.

So what is inner core D&s "DNA" ?  

For the male it is a ranking of inner core tendencies.  

For the Woman it is a ranking of inner core preferences.

Determining just what those tendencies and preferences are - and developing them - is a big part of the Academy mission.  

Core D&s submale tendencies can be categorized by the following types:  Every male has at least a trace of all five, the ranking or order, greatest to least, is what forms the particular potential of the submale.  There are more than 100 possible variations.   

1.  The Bad Boy - not really bad, just needs to "feel" her authority. 

2.  The Sissy Boy - softness and femininity to guide and dress.

3.  The Sex Slave Boy -  serves as she dictates, often cuckolded.

4.  The Mommie's Boy - she was his enduring authority figure. 

5.  The Bitch Dog Boy - its about loyalty, obedience, and more ..  

And, every woman seeking empowerment has at least a trace desire or preference for training, using, and owning each of these five submale types.   

Ranking (from greatest to least) of these types by number creates your inner core D&s "DNA". 

For example, if your tendencies were thought to be the same as the list order, then your "DNA" code would be 12345.   But, if Sex Slave Boy was the greatest, then your code would  begin with 3 - 31245, 35421, 34125, etc.   There are more than 100 different combinations which make up your D&s DNA code.    five digits in your code - greatest to least.

It is not a matter of like or enjoy, but more about those gnawing needs and desires of the inner core.   

For the male, just as water finds its level, your presumed code will likely correct-to-actuality as you learn more about yourself, Truelife D&s, and Truelife Dominant Women.  The more closely your actual D&s "DNA" (core tendencies) match up with a Truelife Domme's core Preferences, the greater the likely multiple and magic of such a union.  

The "Quiz" answer is your self-assessment of the ranking of these 5 "submale types".

13542  23154  51324 31425 42315 51423 13542 21435 or any of more than 100 possible variations ???  

Your inner core D&s DNA is further explored during your training after enrollment.