A unique matching service for Truelife D&s Female Led Relationships

OSODD, bad boys, sex slaves, sissy boys, mommie’s boys, bitch dog

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A unique Matching Service for Truelife D&s Female Led Relationships              Collarme-FLR.org and the Miss Matrix Academy                         "Exploration and Pursuit of the Good Life"               

Female Led Relationships 

       Find your Destiny - an owner and a collar in a Truelife FLR 


The Academy Domme Corps are women who have joined to further develop and refine their own natural "domme within", and all of whom seek boys for long term Truelife D&s FLRs.  One of them is looking for you !


                Female Led RelationshipDominant woman whipping submissive male           Training for submissive males

The Program explores the "D&s DNA code" of enrolled boys (adult submales) regarding these basic submale inner tendencies (1) bad boys - aka whipping boys, who just need to feel the feminine authority, (2) sissy boys, who seek to honor femininity by emulating it, (3) sex slave boys, who are usually cuckolded, kept in male chastity devices, and taught the oral arts of worship (OSODD), (4) mommie's boys, who still need the nurturing and apron strings control, (5) bitch dog boys, who learn obedience, deflowering and the strap-on, and (6) those white boys hopelessly addicted to black women.  All done in strict confidentiality.

  Some just want to explore - to learn more - while others are destined to become subhusband brides, live-in slaves to their own desires.  "Collared" D&s Female Led Relationships, both Tethered and Live-in are possible - and are the goal of the Program. 

OSODD, Bondage, Discipline, Male Chastity, Cuckoldry, the Golden Moment, and elements of BDSM are among the training techniques. All need the control and guidance of strong feminine authority in their life.  Hence, a Female Led Relationship.   

All of the above are advocated, taught, and practiced by the Dominant women of the Miss Matrix Academy, all of whom seek Long Term Truelife D&s Female Led Relationships for themselves.  One of them is looking for you !  Tethered or Live-in.

   Enroll now - Orientation and Starter Level Training is all done by email and website via a new confidential identity in direct communication with Miss Matrix and your assigned Trainer Domme (that happens thru our Auctions).  

Advance (at your option) to the Transition Level where FLRs are formed.  Training and preparation expands from email and website to other means including In Person, as is agreeable to both, as it should be. 

Full no-cost Domme Corps scholarships are available for Women aspiring to further develop and refine their own natural "domme-within".  Email Miss matrix for details.    

Partial scholarships (discounted tuition fees) are available for otherwise qualified submales, where such need exists.    

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