Me too, me too !!  Onward women !!!
Me too, me too !!  Onward women !!!
 The movement is ON, let the flood continue.   100 years after the Vote, 50 years after Helen Reddy's "I am Woman" but the key to this happening now has been President Pigmale, the sorriest of the litter.   His pompous bragging lit the fire.Remember how he was going to sue all those women who came forward then? Well, it is a year later and he hasn't sued any of them.   He is afraid to, afraid of the truth and afraid of Gloria Allred !!  But, he opened the floodgate - Hollywood, Congress, and Gymnastics - everywhere, everywhere ! 
Our Lady Reyna has written for us .. the trauma of listening to women and men who have been subjected to Me Too.  Where they have been subjected to abuse and trauma. And there may be some among us who have as well. 
My heart goes out to each and everyone of them. 
 I had a situation that was abusive did it lead me to my path probably.  It reminded me that I have power and a voice if I choose to use it. And yes I did. And here I am. It's those that feel they don't .  Now they are finding their voices. 
My head is telling me that being apart of Miss Matrix Training Academy is a solution. It helps us train men to be more of the males that we can live with. 
This movement is just proof that our training of men and women about their places in the world. 
Those men who have been " caught" by being reported and outed. 
There is a phrase in French 
Mondant vos choscon .. translates to showing your pigs. Meaning showing up, putting spotlight on those whose behavior makes naming them to be shaming them  Which in my opinion is a long time coming. Keep up the conversations encourage others to share ladies. This is the only way we can show the pigs !
 We need to up the training. We need to make a new generation of women who know how to train and men who need to have it.   Well said, Lady Reyna !

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